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Project: Living in Limbo Book Promotion

Updated: May 18, 2021

The last year has presented a lot of uncertainty to communities and families worldwide, and Colorado is no exception. Colorado locals Laura Michaels and Dr. Claire Zilber noticed that, over the last 12 months, more and more readers have been seeking out their book, Living in Limbo, and resonating with its theme of coping and thriving when faced with periods of uncertainty.

When Laura’s husband, Bill, was diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 52, she looked for books and resources to guide her as she tried to make sense of her new reality and bring order to her life. But, she couldn’t find the content she needed - a guidebook for someone like her, someone devastated by a loved one’s diagnosis, and searching for tools to help her move through the pain and to a place of hope and peace.

Years later, Laura teamed up with Dr. Claire Zilber to write Living in Limbo, a book based on personal and clinical experiences and designed to be an accessible and tangible resource for readers as they work through challenging times. The tools presented and described in Living in Limbo include embracing uncertainty and a new normal, managing emotional responses, self-care, and thoughtful decision-making.

This resource is more relevant than ever in the COVID-19 landscape, and I think your readers would really resonate with the authors’ perspective. Whether a family has been directly impacted by a COVID-19 diagnosis or is simply struggling to balance work and school environments, the content in this book presents readers with valuable tools for coping and thriving during periods of limbo.

All In Strategic Consulting created and developed a website for Living in Limbo, a social media toolkit for the authors' network, and conducted media outreach to promote the book which included an interview with Authority Magazine and discussion on EndWell Project's Clubhouse room.

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