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Abby Leeper Gibson and Anna Michaels-Boffy met in 2013 where many young idealists do - on the campaign trail. With Anna working in the field, and Abby in communication, they bonded over a passion for serving the people of Colorado. After the campaign, Anna and Abby went on different paths to explore and expand their skill sets: Abby to the world of in-house financial marketing, and Anna to the social services industry. Seven years later, Anna and Abby realized that in a disjointed world, there is an urgent need to find connections in order to build stronger communities. They came together to combine their experiences and complementary expertise and bring a unique skill set to support both community based organizations and the people they serve. 


Principal & Co-Founder |

Abby got her start in advocacy work as a grade-school student, building yard signs for a campaign to fund public schools. Abby has worked in a variety of professional settings including boutique public relations, political advertising, financial services and government. Her background includes public affairs, travel and tourism public relations, crisis communication and recovery, political campaign communication, content development, marketing account management and event planning. She has a certificate in the Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s Sustainable Tourism Training Program. 


Originally from Omaha, Abby received her Bachelor of Science in Journalism: Strategic Communications from the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Kansas. Causes near and dear to her include sustainability, animal rights and increasing access to affordable health care--especially for underserved populations. Abby has lived in Colorado since 2011 and enjoys the state’s outdoor-centric lifestyle. She lives in Brighton with her husband Madison, daughter Maren, their dog and two cats.


Principal & Co-Founder |

Anna has a broad range of experience in political campaigns, nonprofits, and governmental agencies, with a strong background in program management, training, service delivery, case management, strategic planning, and logistical organization. Both her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Lewis and Clark College and University of Colorado Denver and Master of Social Work from University of Denver degrees combine to provide a deep understanding of both big picture change and the unique needs of individuals. 


Anna has spent most of her career working on issues related to family support services, child abuse prevention, victim services, supportive housing, and education reform, all with the lens of ensuring families have the support and skills they need to be successful and children are safe, healthy, and happy.  Anna is a fourth generation Denverite and enjoys traveling the world (37 countries and counting!) and spending her days with her husband Ernest and son Enzo.

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